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Reducing glass waste for a sustainable future


Innovative Glass Recycling & Bottle Crushing Machines

Bottle Crusher US is proud to be the exclusive U.S. importer and distributor of the Expleco line of bottle crushers. Our glass and bottle crushing machines produce a safe, sand-like material that can be used for landscaping and other environmentally friendly projects. Our machines are the perfect solution for vineyards, restaurants, hotels, schools, universities, window companies & many other organizations with glass usage.

Our glass recycling machines & bottle crushing machines promote a sustainable, Eco-friendly environment. Information on our products is below. Click here for ordering information.

The GLS 2.0 Bottle Crusher

The GLS 2.0 is an innovative, compact, and cost-effective way to recycle glass bottles. This machine is easy to use and accepts the full spectrum of bottles, from soda and beer bottles to wine, liquor, and Champagne bottles and crushes them into silica sand. The glass to sand crushing machine discharges the sand into a 5-gallon bin for easy removal from the unit and the sand is safe to handle.

The LVScreen

The LVScreen is a vibrating sorter that can screen silica sand to different grain sizes.

The AFSMini Industrial Crusher

This powerful glass crushing machine is for industrial use and can crush two tons of glass per hour utilizing a unique auto-feed function. This glass crushing system is perfect for glass waste recycling.

The ASFMaxi Industrial Crusher

For industries across the United States wanting larger glass crusher machine capacity, the AFSMaxi provides an excellent glass recycling solution. This machine can crush five tons of glass per hour & is perfect for industrial use for window glass waste crushing & window glass waste recycling.


Saving the Environment
One Day at a Time

These are critical times we are living in when you consider the environmental issues we are facing.  The rising temperatures around the globe are going to cause havoc, and no one seems to know what can be done about it.

On our end, we are helping to combat pollution with our glass crushing machines, working to reduce landfill content. Everybody doing their part each day, one bottle at a time, how we can help.

No one else has products quite like ours, and we give you the opportunity to make the world to make an impact with our glass crushing and recycling methods. Sustainability matters, and we can build a better tomorrow by avoiding throwing another bottle into a landfill today.

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