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GLS 2.0 FAQs

The GLS 2.0 is about 32” tall x 29” wide x 23” deep and weighs 265 pounds.

The GLS 2.0 is powered by a 220-volt, single phase motor, so please confirm with your electrician that your electricity feed is capable of delivering Single Phase 208-230v 60hz @ 20 amps. The power cords extends nine feet from the machine. If you find that you do need to use an extension cord, please use one that is heavy duty, or you will definitely have performance issues with the crusher.

The GLS 2.0 comes with a 5-gallon sand bin.

The GLS 2.0 is designed to last for at least 10 years with proper maintenance and intended use.

The GLS 2.0 is rated at 90 dB. This is the equivalent of a food blender (88 dB), milling machine (85 dB) and garbage disposal (80 dB).

The GLS 2.0 input chute 5-1/2” x 5-1/2” and will accept bottles as large a two-liter bottle.

The machine comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty on parts. This warranty does not consumables such as the bottom screen and hammers which do need to be replaced as the machine is used. A copy of the warranty is available on request.

(a) Once a month grease the bearing with three shots of grease while the machine is running and (b) On a regular basis open the feed chute and check for residual dust buildup. If dust is building up, vacuum it out.

The G.S 2.0 is the second model in the Expleco GL series.  The GLS 2.0 has a larger input chute to accommodate larger bottle, more hammers and a larger motor than its predecessor, the GLSand.

Please note that the GL Sand is NOT available for purchase in the United States. 


The AFSMini crushes between two and five tons of glass an hour.


The AFSMaxi crushes between five and seven tons of glass an hour.

Our Company's FAQs

Bottle Crusher LLC specializes in compact glass bottle crushing machines that offer volume reduction solutions to a wide variety of glass waste generators.

Our sustainable glass to sand crushers recycle glass bottles by turning them into a special type of sand that is eco-friendly and protects our planet

We provide solutions that are both economically and environmentally sustainable. Our glass crushers reduce pressure on global landfill and waterway catchments.

We provide delivery of our products throughout the country. If you need a glass to sand crushing machine, we can get it to you.