GLS 2.0 Glass Crusher Machine

When it comes to high-quality glass crushers, Bottle Crusher US has some of the best products on the market. One of our glass crusher products is the GLS 2.0, which is an innovative, compact, and cost-effective way to recycle glass bottles. This machine is easy to use and accepts the full spectrum of bottles, from soda and beer bottles to wine, liquor, and Champagne bottles. It crushes them into silica sand, and the machine discharges the sand into a 5-gallon bin for easy removal from the unit, and the sand is safe to handle. Contact us with any questions you may have about our glass crushers.


Our glass crushers are popular for a reason! Our high-tech GLS 2.0 offers the following specifications:
  • Dim: W: 27″ x H: 42″ x D: 24″
  • Weight: 264 pounds (287 pounds packaged)
  • Reduction: 10:1 (safe to handle sand)
  • Noise level: 60-90db
  • Motor size: USA 2.2kw CSA
  • Feed capacity: wide mouth 300kg/ph
  • Bin size: 5 gallon (85 pounds when full)
  • Bin capacity: 160 x 330ml beer bottles
  • Power: 220v 60hz NEMA L6-20 plug
  • Consumables: Bottom screen, hammer set, top shroud, kevlar chute flap
  • Warranty: 12 months (excluding consumables)
GLS 2.0 Glass Crusher Machine Front

New Features

Our glass crusher products are constantly being innovated and designed with our clients’ needs in mind. Because of this, we’ve developed the following new features for the GLS 2.0. Check them out:

  • Designed for U.S. market
  • Wide mouth big bottles
  • Twin filter/Kevlar flap system
  • Transparent stack bin and full sensor light
  • Benchtop height (custom housing POA)