Planting with Silicia Sand and Crushed Oyster Shells

Silica sand and crushed oyster shells provide nutrients and excellent training for plants. Steve, a Bottle Crusher user in Florida tells how he used it for his roses.

Steve crushed bottles and oyster shells with his Bottle Crusher. The bottles provided the silica sand, and the oyster shells provided a source for calcium and micronutrients. Steve dug out around the rose bush and filled the bed with about a gallon jug worth of oyster shell sand. He then put about two inches of topsoil down and covered the topsoil with about four inches of silica sand. He watered the rose bush with a trickle of about four hours.

The rose bush has thrived. The oyster shell sand has provided all nourishment and nutrients it needs. The silica sand has provided excellent drainage and protection. The silica sand allows the water to flow down to the roots and holds the moisture beneath the surface and keeps the roots cool. Simultaneously, the silica sand keeps the surface dry, which eliminates insects and the need for insecticides and non-organic fertilizers. There is a bonus, the sand helps prevent weed growth. The sand is a natural weed blocker!