What to Know About the Function and Design of a Bottle Crushing Machine

Glass and plastic bottles are some of the biggest pollutants in the world. Safe disposal of bottles reduces the pollution index both on land and the seas, and bottle crushers play an important role in the safe disposal of waste bottles, preventing waste. In an attempt to conserve the environment, at least 11 states in the U.S. offer refunds for glass containers, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. This is an effort to ensure that the bottle doesn’t end up in the ocean or other water bodies. Here are some things to know about bottle crushing machines.


The bottle crushing machine is made up of high-quality steel blades. These steel blades are resistant to tear and wear to avoid cracking or breaking when grinding glass. The blades can be sharpened to make the machine work more effectively. The base of the machine is made up of rotary scissors that slice plastic bottles into tiny pieces. The compressed plastic is completely flattened before being shredded into small sizes. The body of the machine is made of strong steel that can withstand the pressure of the battering as the bottles crash and tumble.


The bottle crushing machines have the ability to control the size of chips and the speed of the crushing. Depending on the size of the chips needed, one can make changes to the machine. Different types of machines can handle different sizes and quantities of bottles. The first type is fitted with a plate 600 millimeters in length with a four-millimeter nose. This is the right fit to crush bulk bottles. A smaller size is fitted with a 450-millimeter length plate with a two-millimeter nose while the third type is fitted with a 300-millimeter length plate with a two-millimeter nose. These smaller-sized crushers can be used in smaller business premises.


Businesses that have high yields of bottles can benefit from having a bottle crushing machine. It can help the business reduce the costs of storage and waste disposal. Businesses like bars and hotels can use these crushers to get rid of their glass and plastic waste. When these bottles are crushed, the garbage collection companies charge the business less.

Proper disposal of plastic waste is helpful to the environment as it can help people make a better world free from waste. By purchasing a bottle crushing machine, one has made a step into making the world more habitable for flora and fauna. Call us today at Bottle Crusher LLC to place your order!

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