Why Recycling Glass Is Important

Glass is one of the most recyclable materials we use frequently. Glass can be recycled over and over without any detriment to its functionality, meaning a recycling service can recycle it an infinite number of times. According to the Glass Recycling Coalition, 93% of consumers intend to recycle glass via a recycling service. Glass recycling is important for these three reasons.

1. Reduces Energy Use

New glass products are created at very high heat. Producing high heat takes a great deal of energy. According to our experts, recycled glass products can reduce energy consumption in glass manufacturing by about 40%, which equates to a great deal of energy conservation.

Cullet, or crushed glass, can be used to create new glass. A recycling service can easily satisfy the needs of glass product manufacturers with recycled glass materials. This can greatly reduce the amount of energy consumed in production.

2. Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions

In addition to reducing the amount of energy that is needed to create new glass products from cullet, fewer greenhouse gas emissions result from this process. According to our recycling professionals, to create new glass, fuel has to burn at about 2,400 degrees. Fuel burned at this high temperature produces 61% more pollutant gasses than fuel burned at the 960 degrees needed to melt cullet into new glass.

Recycling glass is good for the environment across the board. Reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced is always a good thing. According to our recycling service team, if we recycled even 50% of the glass we use, we could cut down the number of greenhouse gases associated with processing by thousands of metric tonnes annually.

3. Conserves Raw Materials

Glass is formed from sand and/or limestone. Both are natural resources. While it may seem like there is enough sand and limestone to go around, removing these natural resources does have consequences. Erosion is a huge problem in many areas, and often it results from the depletion of natural resources.

Recycling glass can reduce the number of natural resources that are used in glass manufacturing. Conserving raw materials is a crucial benefit offered by recycling glass.

You can have a positive impact on the planet by recycling glass products. At Bottle Crusher US, we offer a range of glass recycling and bottle-crushing options. Reach out to us today for more information!

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