Why Using a Glass Crusher Is Better Than Throwing Away Glass

Using a glass crusher is one of the best ways to recycle glass. Glass crushers are innovative machines designed to crush and recycle glass efficiently. According to Recycle Across America, about 28 billion bottles and jars made of glass wind up in landfills annually. A glass crusher could change things.

It's Good for the Environment

When glass is thrown away, it ends up in landfills, which can take up to 4,000 years to fully decompose, according to recycling experts Sioneer. By crushing glass for recycling, tons of waste can remain out of landfills. This helps conserve valuable landfill space and minimizes the environmental impact of glass waste. Glass crushers also reduce glass contamination. Glass contamination often leaves glass unrecyclable. Many glass products placed in recycling bins wind up in landfills because the glass is contaminated. A crusher solves this problem.

It Saves Energy

Crushing glass for recycling saves energy. Crushed glass can easily be recycled into new glass products using much less energy than it takes to create glass products from new materials. Additionally, the number of pollutants that are generated by using a glass crusher as part of a recycling plan is less than the amount generated by creating new glass. It is a cost-effective way to reduce and reuse glass.

It Conserves Resources

Glass is made from materials that are finite. Sand, limestone, and soda ash are all finite. Recycling glass with a crusher helps conserve these finite resources. Recycling glass using a crusher means less mining for these resources can occur, reducing energy consumption, pollutants, and the depletion of natural resources. A crusher for glass can help to reduce the carbon footprint of creating glass goods. It’s a simple solution for any business that generates large amounts of glass waste. Any venue, event space, community, or group that wants an environmentally responsible option for disposing of glass can benefit from a crusher.

We only have one planet, so doing your part to ensure that glass is being recycled is an easy step to take in protecting the planet. It is also an easy option to conserve space. Call us today at Bottle Crusher US to learn more about what we do. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our services.

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